16 tips to prepare your home to receive the baby


In the weeks before your baby arrives, there are several things you must do to prepare yourself. The organization and cleaning of the house and the nursery are extremely important so that they are functional and safe places. Take into account the following tips:

1.Deep cleaning is one of the best things you can do. Ask someone to help you when you have to use chemical cleansers so you do not get pregnant.

2.Disinfects the entire home, including kitchen and bathroom cabinets, and vacuums carpets.

3.Prepare pets for the encounter with the baby. This includes keeping dogs and cats away from the crib area, without being offended. Accustom them to the new rules.

4.Buy a rocking chair. These chairs help your baby sleep in the early hours and allow you to relax while you breastfeed.

5.Find an area of ​​the house where you can place toys and a highchair without being in the middle of the road.

6.Remove anything that can be broken from reach.

7.Prepare the crib in advance.

8.Take a portable crib to your room at night so that the baby has somewhere to sleep that is not your bed.

9.Have a bath for the baby in the house.

10.Prepare your room with beauty. Remember that you will spend a lot of time there.

11.Place a diaper changing table in the baby’s room. This will help you not to break your back by changing diapers in the crib. Keep baby creams, wipes and diapers handy.

12.Place baby clothes in your closet and drawers so that everything is organized by size.

13.Buy protectors for electrical outlets.

14.Have a Diaper Genie style trash can nearby for diapers.

15.Place safety gates in the appropriate places so that the baby does not fall down the stairs when you start walking.

16.Wash all your bedding with hypoallergenic detergent before placing it in the crib. Do the same with the curtains in your room and your clothes.


How To Bathe A Baby

how to bathe a baby

First, remember to have all the necessary things that you need for bathing your baby. Take your time, but avoid long fiddling. Your baby should not be in the tub for longer than 6-7 minutes.

Infants are freezing fast, so you should bathe the child in a warm room (at least 22 ° C, better 24 ° C room temperature, possibly with a radiant heater or a heat lamp) and without drafts. This does not necessarily have to be the bathroom. However, it should be remembered that it may get quite wet outside the baby bath, depending on the temperament of your baby.

Fill the tub with enough warm water. You can test the temperature well with your elbow. The water should not feel cold or hot. Ideal are about 37 ° C, so body temperature. If the faucet is just above the bath, be sure to leave a little cold water at the end to prevent your child from getting burned or scalded by the dripping water. If you can not completely do without bath products or shampoos, look for mild, hypoallergenic products with moisturizing properties and no preservatives. You should only buy special baby care products! Dose as sparingly as possible.

At first, take off your baby except for the diaper and shirt so it does not freeze while you wash your face with a washcloth and clean water. Please always wash the eyes from the outer corner of the eye to the nose. If necessary, use a cotton ball to clean the nose and ears, which you turn yourself to the top. Cotton swabs are not recommended here, because they easily injure the eardrum or nasal mucosa and destroy the hair in the ear canal. More about cleaning the ears.

If necessary, then clean the buttocks and diaper area first with water or damp cloths, so that the bath water is not contaminated. Only then undress your child completely.

After checking the water temperature again, slowly let your baby slide into the baby bath with your feet first. The safest way to do it is to use your arm to reach under the child’s head and hold it to the upper arm. So it lies with the back of the head on your left forearm (if you are left-handed on the right forearm), and the head certainly can not submerge. Have this handle shown in the maternity clinic by a caregiver! The child should be up to his shoulders in the water so it does not freeze. When the tummy sticks out of the water, a terry toweling keeps warm.

Now you can wash your child with your free hand. The child usually likes the bathroom better when it can knock on the bathtub wall with its feet, because it thereby feels as if it were previously in the womb and thus feels safer. If you already have some routine, then you can also turn the baby on the stomach, but his face must necessarily protrude over the water.

Finally, the hairy part of the head is washed; occasionally you can also use a mild baby shampoo, especially if there is some milk scab.

After the hair has been washed, you should dry the child as quickly as possible, because over the wet head it quickly loses a lot of heat. Dry it especially in the folds of the groin and the popliteal fossa, also on the neck and between the little fingers carefully. But please do not rub these sensitive areas too much, better only pat dry gently!

If your baby has very dry skin, you can treat it with almond oil or jojoba oil or a baby lotion after the bath. Baby powder, v.a. in conjunction with cream or lotion, is not recommended as it can dry out the skin and cause irritation. Then, if necessary, the finger and toe nails can be cut.

Baby Stroller

baby stroller

A stroller is one of the main purchase that a parent can make for their baby. It can allow you to take your baby along for walks, or even jog, to carry out errands, and to different events. It will provide the maximum level of safety and comfort to your baby as well as you will also love to carry baby easily.So you can save your extra energy because you don’t need to carry the baby in your arm.

Now the question is how can you the right baby stroller for your baby? Because there are thousands of product on the market that say they are the best on stroller. So it can be little bit difficult for you to find the perfect one that will be best for you as well as your baby.

Here are some essential things that you need to consider before buying a stroller.

1.Weight: The stroller you have to choose it should be lightweight. So you can easily use it for travel, going to mall or even plain strolling.

2.Safety: Safety is always important for everyone. A stroller should have 5 point harness, straps and bars to protect your baby.

3.Sturdiness and durability: This is another very important factor. The stroller should be able to support your baby and his sudden movements. If it is not sturdy enough, it is not worth it.

4.Compact: The stroller has to be compact so that you can easily put it away inside the car trunk. If it can be stashed using one hand, then it is convenient all the more.

5.Style & design: Choose the stroller that your baby will like. If your baby doesn’t like the stroller design and styles then they will not enjoy riding on it.

Advantages of a double umbrella stroller


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Finally, I can say that the baby stroller is a part and parcel of a busy parent’s life. It makes your hard life easier and ensures baby comfort and safety. So, have the best stroller and lead a smarter life.

Tips To Keep Baby Cool In Summer


Summer can be dangerous for kids because they are easily affected by the sun heat. So it can be difficult for you to keep your kid safe and comfortable whether you remain inside or head outside.

Kids and young children can’t cool themselves as well as adults so you have to find ways to deal with the heat. Here are some simple things you can do to keep your baby comfortable in the heat:

  1. Your choice of clothing can help keep your kid comfortable in the hot weather. You should dress up your baby some lightweight cloth that is loose and made from cotton it will keep your baby’s body cool and allow air to flow freely.
  2. Kids less than 5 months old should be kept out of the direct sunlight. As babies skin are very soft and sensitive so direct sun heat can damage their skin.But you also can not keep your baby locked up at home, every baby needs fresh air and sunlight. In that case, you can make a routine to stay indoors between 10 am and 5 pm when the heat is unbearable. Instead, go for a stroll in the relatively cool early morning or evening. While outside, remain in the shade as much as possible and avoid too much direct sunlight. If you are going to ride with a stroller then you can use a stroller fan onto your stroller. It will protect your baby from the dangerous heat of the sun.
  3. If you can not avoid the direct sun heat than you can apply a high factor sunscreen to your baby’s skin (and the face).
  4. A good quality sunglass can also protect your baby’s eyes from the sun. Plastic fancy/toy goggles are damaging to the eyes and do not offer adequate protection. Always try to buy good quality sunglasses – whether for your baby or for yourself!
  5. Playing in the backyard pool is a good way of keeping baby cool and for the parents, it is also a delightful scene to watch.

All of these tips will help you to keep your baby cool in this summer.If you have any tips or query you can share at the comment box.


Baby Bath Tub

baby bath tub


baby bath tub

If you are expecting a new baby in your family you may be looking for a right bathtub for your baby bathing. Every parent always wants the best for their baby especially if it is their first born. So when you buying a bathtub for your baby you have to consider the size, safety features, and style of the tub.

Here are few things that you have to consider when buying a bathtub.

first, ensure that the tub you choose is hard plastic. Because they are very easy to clean and also mildew resistant. Most of them come with suction cups on the bottom; therefore you’ll be able to hold them firmly in place to cut the risk of them sliding.

If your space is small then you should choose a foldable bathtub. Once the tub is drained, it folds into an easily portable tub that you can store away with ease or you can take with you with confidence.

As a new parent baby’s safety is likely to be your number one concern. So save yourself endless elbow dipping and timidity by purchasing a bath with a temperature gauge inbuilt. A water diffuser system may be a natural and safe heater that may keep your water at the right temperature for 10 minutes while you wash your child.

The last thing is to check you get the right size bathtub according to your baby’s age.

As the time goes by totally different things like baby bathtub are going to be reinvented, what’s necessary is that you always select the best for your kid. This is often one issue that cash cannot purchase, the safety, happiness, and happiness that each family will get. As parent, you’ll tell yourself that you just have created the proper selection and you’ve given your baby the best of everything.